N4K –Nutrition4Kids

I wanted to let followers of this blog know of a website which was developed under the guidance of one of my partners, Stan Cohen.  The website Nutrition4kids.com has a wealth of information and resources on nutrition topics.  In addition to Dr. Cohen, the group of medical advisors includes Mel Heyman, Bailey Koch, Kylia Crane, David Cohen, W Allan Walker, and Kathleen Zelman.  The official rollout for the website was this past week.

About N4K (from website): N4K is a personal, trustworthy, and expert guide to learning about and making the right food choices for your individual child regardless of age, cultural norms, medical conditions or food sources. Parents trying to feed their kids well are faced with inconsistent and misleading labelling of food products. “All Natural,” “Reduced Fat,” “Reduced Sugar,” “Made with Real Fruit,” “Green” and other terms are all but useless when making good food choices.


3 thoughts on “N4K –Nutrition4Kids

  1. What are your thoughts on medical cannabis for the adjunctive treatment of chronic and life threatening gi conditions like chrons and severe motility issues?

    • I’ve posted to previous blogs on Cannabis and Crohn’s:
      “Cannabis: Feel better, Worse Crohn Disease” and “Crohn’s Research: Going to Pot.”
      If you review those posts, that will answer your question.
      I don’t know much about its use with motility issues.

  2. Jay

    Thank you for your kind words. We have a modest mission: to change the way children in America eat. Since doctors and hospitals can link us to their website (please let us know if you do so we can make sure you receive all the updates) , we can use our community to reach parents. And they can gain so much. If they create a profile, we can continue to update them on topics that they select. And they can can help by reviewing restaurants so that others can find healthy choices for their own personal needs. So again I thank you and all those who offer this service to their patient families.

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