Mobile Health Apps

Last month I posted some notes from Brennan Spiegel who gave the keynote address at NASPGHAN (“The future of gastrointestinal disease and symptom …).  This past month, he reviewed mobile health apps.  Here’s the link: AGA Perspectives on mHealth Apps

Here’s an excerpt:

The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics evaluated each of the apps on the market and concluded that well over 90 percent were of low quality…

IMS points to iTriage as a model for evaluation. iTriage collects signs and symptoms, crunches the input through algorithms, yields a differential diagnosis, and suggests an action plan and list of appropriate local providers. “Virtual visit” apps like HealthTap, Teladoc, American Well and MDLive go a step further by offering patients direct and immediate access to a physician through their smartphone or tablet device. For $49 on average, physicians can conduct a virtual face-to-face interview, make a diagnosis and even send prescriptions. The app “Pager” goes yet a step further. Founded by the team that developed Uber — the wildly successful car service app — Pager allows patients to select among a panel of doctors and obtain rapid house calls for $199. Insurance is now starting to cover some of the virtual visits and app-generated house calls.


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