Can Apple Make Research Cool?

For anyone who has looked at Apple’s March presentation, there is big news with regard to research (thanks to Seth for this information).  Here’s a link to the March announcement –around minute 16 there is the research presentation: Apple March Event

Screenshot: Rationale for Apple iPhone for Research -Large Research Pool

Screenshot: Rationale for Apple iPhone for Research -Large Research Pool

The presentation makes it clear that Apple wants to dramatically increase the participation in research studies by leveraging 700 million iPhone users.  Using an app called, “ResearchKit”, Apple has partnered with leading academic centers to help study Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiovascular disease, and Breast Cancer.  For the GI community, I hope that someone will work collaboratively to add inflammatory bowel disease to the list.

Besides increased participation, iPhone-based research has the ability to lower research costs, collect data at frequent intervals, and allow a wider demographic representation.

A shorter ~4 minute video on a separate area of the website explains ResearchKit: ResearchKit video

 Screenshot: Research Kit

Screenshot: ResearchKit

NBC News provides a condensed summary along with the caveat that there will be concerns about accuracy of data collected with ResearchKit.  That being said, most critics have not always appreciated the impact of previous Apple innovations.

Has someone from our national organization (NASPGHAN) or from ImproveCareNow started working with Apple? If not, this looks like a great opportunity.


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