Financial Relief For Patients with Hepatitis C

From AASLD:  AASLD Financial Help for patients with HCV

Are your patients struggling to afford the costs of Hepatitis C treatments?

A new program through the HealthWell Foundation may be able to help. The HealthWell Foundation has launched a new Hepatitis C Fund. The fund provides copayment assistance to eligible patients to ease the burden of out-of-pocket costs associated with the treatment of Hepatitis C. Since 2004, HealthWell has assisted more than 200,000 adults and children faced with medical emergencies in paying for life-changing treatments they otherwise would not be able to afford. These patients have insurance, and yet cannot afford their part. To determine eligibility and apply for assistance through the HealthWell Foundation’s Hepatitis C Fund, visit HealthWell’s website. Please lend a hand by spreading the word about the fund.

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2 thoughts on “Financial Relief For Patients with Hepatitis C

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