“Fat Report Cards” –Do They Help?

Probably not.

From NY Times: Body Report Cards Aren’t Influencing Arkansas Teenagers,   Excerpt:

It is one of the boldest and most controversial tactics in the battle against childhood obesity: A growing number of schools are monitoring their students’ weight and sending updates home, much like report cards.

Ten states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois, now require schools to send such notifications, sometimes called “B.M.I. letters,” or less charitably “fat letters.” But a new study of the first state to adopt the practice shows that the letters have had almost no effect, at least on older teenagers…

The Arkansas study by Dr. Gee looked at the B.M.I. results of juniors and seniors who had been evaluated and, after the 2007 legislative changes, those who had not. It found that students whose families had received the letters showed no appreciable improvement in B.M.I. scores after two years, compared with those who had not been screened. Another peer-reviewed study of such letters, a 2011 examination of younger students in California, had similar findings.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building


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