Varicella and Zoster Infections in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A recent study (DJ Adams, CM Nylund. J Pediatr 2016; 171: 140-5) looked at a large database (1997-2012) with nearly 9 million admissions.  In this retrospective cohort, there were 4434 admissions related to varicella and 4488 due to herpes zoster.

  • Children with Crohn’s disease had a greater increased risk: Varicella OR 12.75, and Zoster OR 7.9 compared to the general population.
  • Children with ulcerative colitis had increased risk compared to general population but less compared to children with Crohn’s disease: Varicella OR 4.25, and Zoster OR 3.9
  • Overall, the risk of these infections improved among all groups over the 15 year study period

One significant limitation of this study is that children with IBD may have been hospitalized more readily out of concern for their vulnerability.  It is noted that there were no deaths due to these infections in the children with IBD.

My take (from the authors):  the increased risk of Varicella and Zoster “were comparable with that observed in children with HIV, malignancy, and primary immune deficiency.”  Given the difficulty of immunizing children on immunosuppressive treatments, at the very least, immunizing household contacts needs to take place.

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