World Toilet Day and Poo-ems

Thanks to my favorite blog reader for pointing me towards this NPR piece:

World Toilet Day: Read Winning Poo Haikus About Diarrheal Disease

An excerpt:

That’s the idea behind Poo Haiku, a competition created by Defeat DD, a campaigndedicated to the eradication of diarrheal disease.

Although everybody’s had the runs, it’s not something most folks talk about, says Hope Randall, digital communications officer for PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access, which created DefeatDD to bring together resources on vaccines, nutrition, oral rehydration therapy, sanitation and more…

this winning entry from Kat Kelley of the Global Health Technologies Coalition, which references a recent study published in The Lancet:

Just six pathogens
But eighty percent of kids’
Diarrheal deaths….

Check out all of the poo-ems, including some videos, by searching for the hashtag #poohaiku on Twitter.

My take: Today is World Toilet Day -a great day to write your own poo-em. 2.4 billion people do not have access to a toilet.

World Toilet Day this year is November 19th (today).

Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs



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