What’s at Stake with “Repeal and Replace”

Full Link from NEJM: The Mirage of Reform — Republicans’ Struggle to Dismantle Obamacare

Here’s an excerpt:

The [AHCA] bill distinguishes itself from the ACA largely by its commitment to regressive redistribution: it would give wealthier Americans more money (mainly through sizable tax cuts) while reducing government support to help low-income Americans afford insurance. Relative to the ACA, premium subsidies for the uninsured would decrease substantially, on average by 40% in 2020 and reaching 50% by 2026.1 Those cuts would fall heavily on lower-income people, with middle- and upper-income Americans receiving higher subsidies.1,3 The ACA’s subsidies to assist low-income persons with deductibles and copayments would be eliminated altogether. By 2026, for a person earning $26,500 a year and buying individual coverage, insurance plans’ actuarial value — which measures the share of costs that plans pay for covered services — would fall from 87% under the ACA to 65% under the GOP plan…

In addition to unified Democratic and significant Republican opposition in Congress and among governors, key stakeholders — including the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, and the seniors advocacy group AARP — oppose the bill. Furthermore, as its potential demise draws nearer, the popularity of the ACA, now part of the status quo, is growing. In the Republican imagination, Obamacare has been a disaster. The GOP’s problem is that in reality Obamacare has substantially expanded health coverage, with 20 million Americans gaining insurance. Rolling back the ACA means making insurance less affordable for low-income Americans, increasing the uninsured population, and taking vast funds away from states and medical providers. The GOP health plan neither fully repeals the ACA nor provides a compelling replacement. Instead, in my opinion, it offers only a mirage of reform.

Another analysis indicates significantly higher deductibles are likely under the GOP plan:

Link: Why dedcuctibles would increase under the GOP health plan


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