Abdominal Pain -Placebo Effect and Celiac Effect

Briefly noted:

  • DR Hoekman et al. J Pediatr 2017; 182: 155-63.
  • M Saps et al. J Pediatr 2017; 182: 150-54.

In the first study, Hoekman et al identified 21 studies to determine the placebo response in pediatric abdominal pain-related functional GI disorders.  The authors found a pooled response to placebo of 41% (improvement) and resolution with placebo occurred in 17%.

The second study examined 289 children (55% U.S., 45% Italy) comparing the frequency of functional GI disorders in children with celiac disease on a gluten free diet compared with controls.  Overall, chronic abdominal pain was present in 30.9% of subjects with celiac disease compared with 22.7% of sibling controls and 21.6% of unrelated controls. This did not reach statistical significance.

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Sawnee Mountain


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